Poverty reigned in the capital after the Royal Family, the Parliament and many of its inhabitants evacuated to Iași. The ones who remained had nothing to eat, even though peasants came to the city often enough with full carts, drudgingly navigating the bombed-out streets. Bucharest would be under a regime of terror and strictness due to absurd rules, that will be partially put into effect only a couple of decades later. This set of rules was to be enforced by the new prefect, General Mustaţă:


We, General Mustață, Prefect of the Capital’s Police, bring to the attention of all the following:

  1. Due to reasons of state, the government of the country temporarily moved its residence to Iași, tasking me with ensuring the peace and order in the capital.
  2. Taking on this difficult task, I will seek to do my duty to the end, so that complete peace and order will reign.
  3. Everyone who is found committing robberies, plunder and arson or who will disobey our orders will be punished with the death penalty.
  4. Those who possess weapons of any kind in their homes, within 12 hours of the publication of this proclamation, will be obliged to submit them to the City Hall, the offenders will be punished by shooting.
  5. Meetings in private houses, public places, clubs or even streets, with a covert goal, will be punished by shooting.
  6. The appearance of any journal or publication will be stopped completely. Offenders will be executed.
  7. The city will be fully illuminated and public places will be open until half past 8 in the evening.
  8. All barkeeps, innkeepers and coffeemakers who will provide alcohol to citizens or stir up trouble in those places will be punished with a fine of up to 10.000 lei and with the closure of the establishment throughout the war.
  9. Theatre, cinematographic and café performances are to be stopped. Shops of any kind can be opened or closed, at any time, until 7 o’clock in the evening.
  10. From 9 o’clock in the evening street circulation is prohibited, except for police officers or lamplighters. Offenders will be executed.
  11. The people of the Capital, who during other great moments proved to be understanding and wise, will, in such hard times, rise to the occasion in order to not be put in the painful position of applying the aforementioned punishments.


Issued in Bucharest in November 1916.


Translated by Laurențiu Dumitru Dologa