On April 9 [O.S. March 27] 1918, Sfatul Țării decided with 86 votes for, 3 against and 36 abstaining (mostly non-Romanians), for union with the Kingdom of Romania, conditional upon the fulfillment of agrarian reform, local autonomy, and respect for universal human rights. This was in spite of the fact that the national referendum necessary under the law had not taken place.

The Secretary of the Diet then read the following resolution:

“The Democratic Moldavian Republic of Bessarabia, within its boundaries of the Pruth, the Dniester, the Danube, the Black Sea and the former Austrian frontier, torn by Russia over 106 years ago from the body of Old Moldavia, by virtue of historic right and of the rights of nationalities, and basing itself on the principle that each people should decide its fate, from today on and for ever joins its mother country, Roumania.

This union takes place on the following conditions:

1) The present Diet continues in existence for determining and carrying into effect the agrarian reform according to the needs and demands of the people; these decisions shall be recognized by the Roumanian Government.

2) Bessarabia retains her provincial autonomy, having a Diet, to be elected in the future by universal, equal, direct and secret suffrage, with an executive organization, and its own administration.

3) The Diet shall have jurisdiction: a) over the voting of local budgets; b) the control of the executive organs of the zemstvos and municipal administrations; c) the nomination of all local administrative organizations through its own executive organization, while high officials are confirmed by the government.

4) The recruiting of the army is in principle to rest on a territorial basis.

5) Current laws and organizations (zemstvo and municipal) remain in power and may be changed by the Roumanian Parliament only after participation of the Bessarabian representatives in the discussions.

6) Respect for the rights of the minorities.

7) Two representatives of Bessarabia are to enter the Roumanian Council of Ministers; they shall be named now by the present Diet, but in the future shall be taken from among the Bessarabian representatives in the Roumanian Parliament.

8) Bessarabia shall send to the Roumanian Parliament a number of representatives in proportion to her population, chosen on the basis of universal, equal, direct and secret suffrage.

9) All the elections in Bessarabia for the villages, volosts (communes), cities, zemstvos and parliament shall be based on universal, equal, direct and secret suffrage.

10) Personal liberty, freedom of the press, of speech, of belief, of assembly, and all common liberties, shall be guaranteed by the Constitution.

11) All illegal acts perpetrated for political motives during the recent troublous times, are pardoned.

Upon Bessarabia joining Roumania, like a daughter her mother, the Roumanian Parliament shall decide the immediate calling of a Constitutional Convention, in which shall take part a proportionate number of Bessarabian representatives, chosen by universal, equal, direct and secret suffrage, to decide together with the rest the inscription in the Constitution of the principles and guarantees mentioned above.”